Blood Bank


Sharing gives meaning to our being and becoming. There are different ways of sharing with others: sharing our money, belongings, knowledge, techniques, time, energy, talents, skills, and the like.

  • But sharing one-self with the others is considered the Noblest ways of sharing.
  • In having lived life meaningfully, many people invite and motivate others to lead a meaningful life too.
  • And by this we Can Live Beyond Our Death.
  • Motivates us to share and care for others- by donating one`s blood, eyes, skin, organs and body.

We may be aware of so many critically ill/sick or injured people who are in dire need of blood or organs for transplant.

By making the choice to volunteer to donate:
  • We participate in the noble cause of giving life to a person in need
  • Joy and happiness to his family
  • And Hope to a hopeless world
  • Therefore let`s take a step now- while we are still alive-to donate blood and pledge ourselves for other human donations after death
  • Blood donation is the exemplary sign of self-gift. It is one of the deepest expressions of love.
  • One need not stop with blood donation but may extend to make other human donations
  • Donating organs has not become as popular as blood donation. I wish humans as individuals and movements come forward to high - light this novel way of making the self-gift.
    After having lived a good life, if we can make a will to donate our body after death for the welfare of men and women who are incarnated after the image and likeness of God, it will definitely be counted as thanks giving to the Creator.
  • Blood is the very source of life that sustains every human being- defying differences of caste and religion.
  • The red of the blood-common to every human being is blind to gender, religion or caste
  • Blood is the river of life.
  • It transports the nutrients essential for the proper functioning and growth of the body and distributes it to every part of the body.
    It is simple knowledge that without blood, the various parts of the body stop functioning.
Blood banking is the storage of Blood and it`s Components.

We have a Licensed Blood Bank with all the required Equipment's. We draw Blood from Voluntary Donors who are healthy by medical examination.

We draw all Groups of blood that is whole blood.

We do all required tests that are specified by the drugs and cosmetics act.

We do ELISA for HIV, HBsAg & HCV

We do Grouping & Rh typing, Hb, MP, VDRL, HIV, HBsAg & HCV for all donors, if everything is negative we issue blood to the patients.

We have special Blood Bank Refrigerator for Tested & Untested Blood Bags, Domestic Refrigerators, ELISA reader, ELISA plate washer, Water bath, Incubator, Hot air oven, Autoclave, VDRL rotator, Needle destroyer, Blood Collection monitor, Tube sealer, Advanced donor couch, BP apparatus, Thermometer, Centrifuges, all the required drugs, Injections & fluids for the emergency of the donor.

We maintain all the records required and mandatory.

We have Blood Bank Officers, Experienced technicians and Nurses who work in the Blood Bank and it is open round the clock.

We provide refreshments and certificates to the donors and deal with them with friendly approach.

We conduct blood camps routinely.